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BBX is not just an off the shelf chatbot, it's an innovative, intelligent conversational platform that was designed and built from the ground up to evolve with your business. It can be tuned specifically for your needs, learning about your industry, while always delivering a great customer experience reflecting your brand and personality.

BBX is where your customers are. From a range of messaging apps to web to mobile to Alexa or Cortana - customers are interacting with businesses on a growing range of platforms and devices.

Enabling the power of natural language conversational interfaces ensures your business is ready to talk to your customers - when and where they want to.

It takes a lot of experience to learn this quickly.

BBX has been created by a team with decades of expertise in user-centred design, conversational interfaces, natural language understanding, machine learning and systems integration. BBX’s intelligence is achieved by blending the creative application of technology with knowledge of how people behave and interact across digital platforms. The result is a chatbot that can deliver relevant content quickly and contextually aligned with business objectives.

A true conversational platform.

BBX will change the way that consumers interact with your business. Support your customers where ever they are, whenever they need it. BBX is never offline, never tires and can be upskilled to learn to work in many areas of your business enabling conversational commerce that is inherently connected.


X-device conversations



Image recognition

BBX provides intelligence as a service.

Turn alert messages into transactional conversations. Make enquiries into satisfied customers.
Every chatbot application built for your business will be powered by a dedicated cloud-based conversational engine, literally providing intelligence as a service. BBX can also integrate with your systems and APIs to provide a rich user experience to enhance and simplify your customer’s interactions with your business no matter where or when they want to.
By using specialised learning algorithms BBX requires less data to learn, meaning you get better quality results more quickly. Deployed on a custom built platform means capabilities can be specifically created for your market. 

The voice of your business that customers have been looking for.

Deploying BBX provides the foundation for a virtual agent, capable of handling increasingly complex customer enquiries and able to lead customers to a complete transaction. It gets to learn about your business and your customers - knowledge it can use and leverage to provide a consistent experience across your enterprise.



Provides an interaction point when and how its needed


Self-service promotes
greater customer satisfaction


User journeys and intent considered as part of conversational design


Easily integrated

A simple addition to your exisiting technology stack

Branded experience

Extend your brand's personality into the conversational space

Optimised workforce

More time for live agents to focus on high value conversations

Want to see some examples?

Reading between the lines just got easier.

Whether it’s user sessions, sentiment and tone or specific semantic reporting, your dashboard of conversational data will provide rich insights into the customer interactions with BBX and your business.

Daily number of chat interactions with drill down by date range
Semantic reporting - see what your users are asking
Cumulative chat statistics

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